Digital Research Infrastructure for the Arts and Humanities in Republic of Croatia

Forum “SiGledal and Theatros: the practice of digital archiving of theaters in Slovenia”

16th May 2023

We invite you to the forum which will be held on May 24, 2023 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. in the Library of the Institute of Ethnology and Folklore (5th floor), Šubićeva 42, Zagreb and online via the Zoom application.

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Enhancing Heritage Experience – Exploring Cultural Routes

17th March 2023

ICARUS Croatia in collaboration with consortiums ICARUS and DARIAH-HR, E-ROUTES project, State archives in Šibenik and other partners announce its 8th conference ICARUS Croatia Days entitled Enhancing heritage experience – exploring cultural routes, that will be held in Šibenik, Croatia, 22 – 24 March 2023.

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Workshop „When Theatre Meets Zoom + The "e-spect@tor' Experience“

1st March 2023

As part of the international conference "Performing Arts: Transitioning to the Digital Age", organized by Dariah HR and the Croatian Association of Theatre Critics and Theatre Scholars, a workshop for performing artists and the audience will be held. The workshop will include testing the prototype of the digital tool "e-spect@tor" and the performance of the hybrid play #war_diary, whose authors are actors from the Ukrainian Center for Contemporary Art DAKH in Kyiv and the international Ukrainian festival Gogolfest.

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Conference “Performing Arts: Transitioning to the Digital Age”

9th February 2023

International conference of the DARIAH-EU Working Group Theatralia Performing Arts: Transitioning to the Digital Age will be held in Zagreb, from 15 to 17 March 2023. 

Call for papers

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DARIAH Day 2022

7th December 2022

DARIAH Day 2022 will be held on Monday, December 12, 2022, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Faculty of Social Sciences in Zagreb (Conference Hall on the 2nd floor of the Library).

As in previous years, the meeting will be an opportunity for a dynamic exchange of information about activities, projects, collaborations in the current year and for the announcement of new plans.

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Digital Humanities & Heritage 2022

8th July 2022

DARIAH-HR international coneference „Digital Humanities & Heritage“ will take place in Rijeka, 12 – 14 October 2022. Keynote speakers will be Susan Schreibman (Maastricht University) and Toma Tasovac (DARIAH-EU).

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