Workshop „When Theatre Meets Zoom + The "e-spect@tor' Experience“

As part of the international conference "Performing Arts: Transitioning to the Digital Age", organized by Dariah HR and the Croatian Association of Theatre Critics and Theatre Scholars, a workshop for performing artists and the audience will be held. The workshop will include testing the prototype of the digital tool "e-spect@tor" and the performance of the hybrid play #war_diary, whose authors are actors from the Ukrainian Center for Contemporary Art DAKH in Kyiv and the international Ukrainian festival Gogolfest.

The workshop will be held on March 15 at the Ribnjak Youth Center from 4 to 7 p.m. CET.

The workshop will be led by director Iva Srnec Hamer (Empiria Theater), actor, director and producer Andrii Palatnyi (GOGOLFEST), a team of theater and IT experts from La Rochelle Université and Université de Lille: Cécile Chantraine Braillon, Maya Larbi, Fatiha Idmhand, Laurence Delbarre Willard , Laurent Passion and theatrologist and conference organizer Anamarija Žugić Borić.


– just watching the show without testing the app

– watching the performance live while testing the e-spect@tor application on a tablet

– watching a recording of the performance while testing the application on a laptop

Participants who will watch a recording of the play should bring their own laptop, and participants who will watch the play live will be provided with tablets.

After the workshop, there will be a one-hour discussion about the results.

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More info about the „e-spect@tor“ digital tool:

Videos from the #war_diary project watch on:

Workshop „When Theatre Meets Zoom + The e-spect@tor Experience“

Workshop „When Theatre Meets Zoom + The e-spect@tor Experience“