Enhancing Heritage Experience – Exploring Cultural Routes

ICARUS Croatia in collaboration with consortiums ICARUS and DARIAH-HR, E-ROUTES project, State archives in Šibenik and other partners announce its 8th conference ICARUS Croatia Days entitled Enhancing heritage experience – exploring cultural routes, that will be held in Šibenik, Croatia, 22 – 24 March 2023.

This year conference is organised within framework of Creative Europe project Time travel routes through Europe – E-ROUTES (e-routes.eu) and it is addressing the growing need to present and promote scattered cultural heritage and contemporary artistic production related to travel experience in Europe both in the past and in the present time. Following the idea that modern travellers seek quality information with added value such as points of interest, natural, cultural, and historical monuments valuable for visit along the route, the conference objective is to connect international professionals in cultural, heritage, tourist, educational sectors, and academia. The aim is to provide a forum for delivering new approaches and best practices in engaging the public through GLAM (Galleries, Libraries, Archives, Museums) collections which can be used in the context of cultural tourist routes.

The topic of cultural tourist routes is understood as a space for intercultural dialogue and the basis for both cultural and tourist thematic routes that at intertwined levels connect the geographical space and the various chronological periods. This way travel or journey, here observed as both individual and collective human experience, is presented as a way of communication that connects places and people through a common experience, which provides the basis for the shared cultural heritage and wider international perspective that crosses time, space, and borders.

The conference will raise awareness of the professional networks in Europe and the world about the topic of cultural tourist routes, provide capacity building in both institutional and free-lancing circles, share contemporary theory and practice, as well as provide the possibility of exchange of practices, audience engagement and dissemination of information. We invite our members, heritage professionals and scholars, educators and teachers, cultural tourism experts and other interested parties to gather and participate in exchange of knowledge and experiences in these domains.


ICARUS Hrvatska