University Department of Croatian Studies

1st March 2018


Valerija Macan Lukavečki: 

Since the 16 November 1992 when it was founded, The Croatian Studies are a pivotal higher education and scientific research institution of the University of Zagreb and of the Republic of Croatia, which performs and coordinates scientific, educational and research activities in the areas of humanities and social sciences and in the interdisciplinary field of science, in particular in the research of the Croatian society and in the field of study and affirmation of the Croatian science, education and culture in the Republic of Croatia and worldwide.

The Croatian Studies organize, carry out and coordinate scientific research and scientific, educational projects and programmes in the field of humanities as well as in relevant interdisciplinary fields of science with a special interest in the study of different components of the Croatian society within and outside the Republic of Croatia and for their long-term sustainable and coordinated development. The Croatian Studies carry out and co-ordinate activities that fall within the scope of the University of Zagreb and other higher education institutions in the Republic of Croatia and public research institutes, as well as institutions focused on the research of Croatian society, research and promotion of the Croatian culture, education and science, and is engaged in establishing and connecting related institutions in the Republic of Croatia and abroad.

Borongaj Campus Borongajska cesta 83d, 10000 Zagreb Croatia

Telephone: +385 1 2457 600 Fax: +385 1 2457 636

Croatian Studies

Croatian Studies