Invitation to the workshop “Data Protection in Research Practice: The GDPR and the ELDAH Consent Form Wizard”

16th September 2021

Join the workshop on 13 October 2021 - 09:30 to 17:00, online or in-person at the University of Zadar. Register here!

In this workshop, we will discuss the European legal framework for data privacy and processing personal data (General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR). The workshop will help participants understand how their research is affected by the GDPR and what issues to pay attention to.

The DARIAH working group ELDAH (Ethics and Legality in Digital Arts and Humanities) has developed a tool that provides standardized consent form templates for obtaining legal consent from human participants: The DARIAH ELDAH Consent Form Wizard (CFW). The CFW enables digital scholars and the wider research infrastructure community to quickly and easily obtain a standardized consent form that is legally valid in all of the European Union.


The workshop participants will be introduced to this tool and will get a chance to test it by applying it to their own research practices. They will use the tool to download templates to obtain research participants’ consent; these templates can be adjusted to their specific needs in a few simple steps. Workshop participants will also have a chance to give feedback on the CFW: to point out elements that are missing and suggest additional consent scenarios.



Koraljka Kuzman Šlogar (Institute of Ethnology and Folklore Research / DARIAH-HR)

Vanessa Hannesschläger  (CLARIAH-AT)

Walter Scholger (University of Graz / CLARIAH-AT)

Paweł Kamocki (IDS Mannheim / CLIC)