Initial Forum for a Submittal and Prospective Establishment of a Working Group on Theater Studies and Theatralia Digitization

28th February 2018

Osijek (Croatia), 23rd and 24th of March 2018

The aim of this two-day Forum is to gather the leading domestic and foreign experts in Theater Studies and practitioners from the DARIAH Member States as to arrive at the necessary elements to be incorporated in a submittal and prospective establishment of the aforementioned WG, unique according to its thematic within the consortium itself, through a joint debate, via plenary lectures, workshops, and presentations of their experiences in the Digital Humanities and Theater Studies.

If established, the WG could serve as a necessary collaboration platform, as well as for further excogitation and application of competitive International projects to DARIAH's CFPs and to other Open Calls, thus opening a wast area of theatralia digitization.

The Forum's working languages are Croatian and English.

The Forum presence is to be confirmed by the payment of a HRK 100 registration fee, covering a symposial brochure and promotion Materials, lunch, lecture and workshop attendance, debate participation, and a possibility to be involved as a member of the prospective WG. To facilitate a timely accreditation and Forum Materials printout, the participants are kindly asked to effectuate their payments not later than on Mon., Mar. 5, 2018 to the giro account of Josip Juraj Strossmayer University of Osijek no. 2500009-1102012988, PIN 78808975734, opened with the Addiko Bank, with the following notification: "First Name, Last Name - for DARIAH Theater Forum."


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