DARIAH Annual Event 2021: Interfaces

9th March 2021

DARIAH Annual Event 2021 that will take place online, on September 7-9, 2021. Topic of this year’s event is Interfaces. We invite researchers and research projects to present (ongoing) work that deals with the topic of interfaces in a broad sense, in the form of (1) papers, (2) posters and demos. Find all information on the call and the suggested tracks of research.

Digital interfaces enable communication between humans and machines, especially computers, by translating signals and providing capacity for the interpretation of information. They facilitate work in digital environments and can take on many different forms, ranging from command line interfaces to 2D graphical user interfaces or immersive 3D approaches. It is the aim of this year’s DARIAH Annual Event to discuss the role that interfaces play in the arts and humanities. To what extent do they enable new research, and at the same time, do they also limit research possibilities? How is content/information changed while being transmitted by interfaces? How do interfaces reframe the roles of those using them, their roles as producer and/or consumer of interfaces? 

Important dates
Submissions: March 1 – April 18, 2021
Notification of acceptance: mid May, 2021

Find all information on the event | Follow #DARIAH2021 for all updates

DARIAH Annual Event

DARIAH Annual Event